Tuesday, 4 March 2014

What not to eat

I have just discovered that there are 23.2g of sugar in a tin of baked beans. Eek!! So apparently I no longer eat beans.

This is such a life reforming plan - so many "rules" I have been following on (let's be honest, unsuccessful) diets for the last 15 years have been completely overturned. Slimming clubs purporting baked beans and fruit will help you control your eating, fat is always bad, and low fat is always good. It's been quite illuminating.

I have only been at this for 10 days, but so far I have omitted:

- low fat yogurt
- cereal bars
- ketchup
- gravy granules
- breakfast cereals
- fruit (this will come back in a few weeks)
- baked beans
- jam
- all desserts
- diet pop (I never liked sugary pop anyway)
- biscuits / chocolate (obviously!)
- white bread
- savoury sauces
- tinned soups

In fact, absolutely loads of things that the slimming clubs suggest you eat in small amounts to keep you on track. Hmmm ....

Still enjoying much more energy, and still not having the 4pm crash (excellent when you teach til 4.15). Still sleeping better, and waking better.

I keep meaning to take measurements so I can keep track of inch loss, but haven't got round to it yet, and I can't go to get weighed this week because it's parents evening, so I'm having to just have faith and keep on keeping on. I do hope it is at least letting me maintain weight not gain, because I feel brilliant and I don't want to stop.

Must drop those 4 tins of baked beans in at the food bank...

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