Saturday, 22 March 2014

Week 4

A bit tardy on the update, but hey, it's been sunny and I've been busy...

So, weigh in - 1/2lb off. Not bad. Extraordinary considering that I have been snacking in cheese, nuts and ful fat yogurt.

Standing in the queue and listening to the other members did give me food for thought, in particular the "eat as much free food as you can" mentalitity. I have not had any sugar, but I probably haven't had as much fresh veg this week as last week. I also haven't done as much exercise as a person trying to lose weight perhaps should.

So, target for this week - more of that super fresh stuff, and in the absence of fruit, cucumbers and peppers can fill that gap. And exercise - as well as twice weekly yoga, aim to increase to four exercise sessions by adding a couple of gym visits.

See how it goes - still smiling.

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