Sunday, 13 April 2014

Tentatively, I may be cured.

I have been absent for a while, too many other things going on I'm afraid, but I'm back and I have news.

So, weigh in this week was not so good. But before I got too antsy, I did have a good thorough look at the week's activities and to be fair. I deserved to have put on a pound. I deserved ten, if I'm honest. There was the Night of the Three Parties... Guinness, lager, gin martinis, and several gin and it (nothing if not creative) hotly followed by the Day of The Unholy Hangover when I think I ate everything in the kitchen. No sugar was in the kitchen, however my own body weight in bread and cheese was, and is no longer. That day ended with the Feast of the Hen Party When the Hen Didn't Show, otherwise known as the Feast at the French Cafe, where cheese (again with the cheese, fatty!) was washed down with a bottle of Merlot... No, I deserve everything I got.

But, a few interesting things have happened.

1) the Night of the Three Parties saw me try a gin and slimline tonic for he first time since the big quit, and I couldn't drink it because it was so unbearably sweet. Tooth-achingly sweet in fact. I knew my tastes had changed, but I hadn't realised quite this much. Interesting. 

2) the Feast at the French Cafe ended with dessert. Well, I say dessert. My friend who is currently on a diet with one of the big slimming clubs had a mango sorbet, which she left half of on account it was too sweet. I had the baked Camembert starter for dessert. It came with bread and apple slices, and a couple of which were plenty. A nice treat, but no need to eat the lot. Hmmmmm. 

3) the aforementioned Hen asked me to make wedding favours for her, little nets of Cadbury mini eggs tied with a ribbon. In short, I handled 900 mini eggs yesterday. NINE HUNDRED!! And not a single solitary egg passed my lips. And not, I swear, because of any extraordinary willpower or self control. I actually just didn't want one. They smelled so incredibly sweet, far far too sweet, and the sugary dust on my hands was almost mindbending. That is new. Previously I would have eaten as many as I wrapped! 

So the sugar quitting has definitely worked. Happy days. Perhaps I need to increase my veggie intake. I probably ought to decrease my booze and cheese intake. But hot diggity, I think I'm cured.

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