Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My theory about cholesterol.

I realise I don't write as much as I used to. I think this is because in general I am thinking a lot less about my own personal quit, but I am reading a lot about the science behind the movement, and thought I'd share some of this today.

A friend of mine rang and told me she has been told she has high cholesterol, and ordered to give up dry white wine and start eating only low fat, and completely bypass saturated fat. It just doesn't sit well with me... Here's why.

(Disclaimer... I am NOT a medical professional. I am a food teacher, but my standpoint is entirely based on my own experiences and my logical interpretation of the texts of other writers. This is not advice, just observation.)

1) Cholesterol is produced by the liver. It is a fatty substance, or lipid. Fructose gets converted into fat by the liver instead of being converted into glucose by the cells. Maybe if the sugar wasn't in the liver in the first place, the liver wouldn't be able to do this. Maybe?

2) Low fat stuff generally has lots more sugar in it that normal fat products. If it didn't it would taste like wellingtons. Cardboard wellingtons.

3) Dry white wine has very little sugar in it, because the yeast gobbles it all up in the alcohol making process. Even better choice is red wine, and steer well clear from port, liqueurs or mixers.

4) Coconut oil is a saturated fat. It contains a large percentage of lauric acid and stays by stable at high temperatures because it is a short chain fatty acid. Also, communities that eat primarily just coconut oil have low rates of heart disease. Unlike vegetable oil, which does crazy things at high temperatures. Not good.

I don't mean to get really evangelical about it all, but you have to agree that  a lot of the advice on matters like cholesterol, and diet lately don't quite seem to add up. I found these 2 articles in the Telegraph to support my rantings:


Plus, one can't argue with the evidence that in the last 2 months, and without dieting or exercising more than usual I have lost 5cm from around my middle, and half a stone. I also no longer compulsively clear my plate, don't crave sweet treats, and haven't at any point had to talk myself down from the ledge because of not being allowed to eat something I wanted.

My gut feeling is, take the pressure off your liver by not feeding it loads of sweet nasties, and it will be able to concentrate better and not produce the bad stuff itself. It's only a theory. I might ask for a cholesterol test at the doctor. Some evidence would be pretty cool.

In other news, I had an orange. It was very sweet. I only ate half. This is new.

Bon appetite xx

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